The long way through Software Craftsmanship

The Senior Software Engineer, Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Play Well With Others challenges you’ll face as a programmer is to explain what you do, or how you’ve done it, to someone who is not a programmer Translating your work to non-technical people is a skill that can be more valuable than any specific technical knowledge you have. It’s what makes a senior developer in the eyes of others. (p 77) 6.1 Empathize With Your Audience these “interested parties” understand the problem more deeply than you, but lack the technical knowledge, skill, or time to solve it directly.

The Senior Software Engineer, Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Deal With Technical Debt and Slop Seeing legacy as tech debt that has been acquired Slop as source for sloppy code Chapter about understanding the difference between slop and technical debt. Many developers, if they are feeling pressured to complete their work, would call this an acceptable compromise, promise to fix it later, and ship it (p. 70) Technical Debt is […] used to explain compromises in implementation that save cost now, at a larger future cost (just like real debt).

The Senior Software Engineer, Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Fix bugs efficiently and cleanly In the beginning, you will be given tasks that require no in-depth domain knowledge Process A process allows you to focus on the right thing at th right time (p. 14) It will make your productivity and quality more predictable, which, in turn, will help you estimate and keep more of your promises about your work (paraphrased from p. 14) TDD Explains some benefits about TDD:

Notes from the Agile Barcelona Open Space

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Yesterday I attended an Agile Barcelona open space at Netmind Format On arrival, attendees where welcomed by an Agile Coffee. Creo que sobrará alguna cosita del café colaborativo... #agilebcnOS #compartir #comunidad #gracias — Miquel Rodríguez (@miquelrodriguez) May 6, 2017 At 10:00, the introduction started: a warm welcome to everyone, including first-time attendees to an open space, explaining what it is, the few rules and laws and making sure everyone had fun.

Self-Study in May 2017

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The real reason why the Spotify model is broken I’ve read this article by Sharky Laguana, comparing several royalty models for spotify Tags: sharky-laguana, spotify, comparison, royalty [Day 3 of 7] “Badass” developer gets a RUDE awakening I’ve read this email that John Sonmez sends, about being a programmer vs a language programmer. Some quotes: Someone who could tear apart complex, confusing puzzles and engineer elegant, reliable solutions… whether those challenges were software, hardware or “wetware.