The long way through Software Craftsmanship

Self-Study in July 2019

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How I use reveal.js

This author explains how they use reveal.js.

The online editor (

The author uses plain html for storing the slides.

Tags: slide, slideshare, reveal-js, reveal, presentation, slide-deck, michael-mccune

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All your digital life on a single timeline, stored locally

Keep your digital life under your control

Tags: backup, local-data, encryption, control

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Safely Rewriting Mixpanel’s Highest Throughput Service in Golang

This article explains how they rewrote a (high-throughput + critical path) service, in part using a tool called Diffy.

Tags: diffy, tool, golang, python, mixpanel, evan-noon, api, rewrite, parallel-change

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A software engineering manager guide to measuring a software engineers performance

Explains how to measure performance

Tags: measure, performance, engineering-manager, manager, management, career-management, lake-wobegon-strategy, peer-review, compensation, salary

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JVM tool to include assembler code in java

Tags: assembler, java, jvm, bytecode

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