The long way through Software Craftsmanship

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published: false categories: - clean-code - startup-weekend - tdd In an epilogue in Clean Code, Robert C Martin talks about the “commitment to writing the best code I could write” This is an interesting proposition, as to never “lower the quality bar” induced by constraints such as resouces. This clicks with an idea that I heard some months ago, during the Startup Weekend, where you have 54 hours to develop a business idea out of the building.

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published: false categories: - sample - unfinished - clojure - algorithm - mathematical-notation - paradigm - comparison I’ve been doing some code jam exercises, some on paper, some on the computer and I generally use “pseudo-mathematical” notation: FOREACH, BELONGS, etc I have realised that this is much simple for algorithm rather than start thinking on data structures and then adding behavior on top of it. Also, that once the algorithm is outlined into this notation, is relatively straightforward to convert to clojure notation.