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Self-Study in June 2019

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(h0p3’s Wiki)

This is a highly customized tiddlyWiki, from h0p3.

Tags: wiki, personal-knowledge-base, h0p3

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Debug bash scripts

This article explains how to debug bash scripts using the DEBUG trap.

Declares several log levels for the commands

Tags: debug, bash, trap, help, script

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Understanding Rust Lifetimes

Describes rust lifetimes, lifetime parameters.

Compares them to C++ pointers (in the sense they are difficult to learn, but make things explicit).

Tags: rust, borrowing-rules, pointer, language, comparison, generic, lifetime, lifetime-parameter, maksym-zavershynskyi, compiler, language-feature, variance, covariance, struct, rustonomicon

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Everything you need to know about pointers in C

Explains pointers in C

Tags: c, programming-language, pointer, peter-hosey, language-feature, string, pointer-arithmetic, function-pointer

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How to do distributed locking

This article explains the usage of locks (for efficiency - optimization / for correctness).

Explains the usage of the “Redlock” algorithm, to perform distributed locks. Explains a fencing mechanism (using tokens).

References monotonic clocks, stop-the-world garbage collection, consensus mechanisms.

Uses good diagrams for parallelism and concurrency.

Tags: lock, efficiency, correctness, redlock, redlock-algorithm, consensus, distributed-consensus, distributed-programming, distributed-lock, martin-kleppmann, parallellism, concurrency, fencing-mechanism, monotonic-clock, stop-the-world, garbage-collection

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