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The Senior Software Engineer, Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Deal With Technical Debt and Slop

  • Seeing legacy as tech debt that has been acquired
  • Slop as source for sloppy code
  • Chapter about understanding the difference between slop and technical debt.

Many developers, if they are feeling pressured to complete their work, would call this an acceptable compromise, promise to fix it later, and ship it

(p. 70)

Technical Debt is […] used to explain compromises in implementation that save cost now, at a larger future cost (just like real debt). […] technical debt is code written under certain assumptions that no longer hold.

(p. 72)

Although you’ll likely need to pay it off someday, you might not necessarily have to.

(p. 73)

Uses a marker (TECHDEBT) to explain what and why has been introduced. Also serves to find this debt later.

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