The long way through Software Craftsmanship

The Senior Software Engineer, Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Fix bugs efficiently and cleanly

In the beginning, you will be given tasks that require no in-depth domain knowledge


A process allows you to focus on the right thing at th right time (p. 14)

It will make your productivity and quality more predictable, which, in turn, will help you estimate and keep more of your promises about your work (paraphrased from p. 14)


Explains some benefits about TDD:

  • Thinking before coding
  • Separating the ‘getting it to work’ from ‘getting it right’

(p. 15)

The latter can be interpreted as ‘building the thing right’ vs ‘building the right thing’: a red test can be seen as question, a green test as an answer. If the question is defined in business terms, you are building the right thing. When refactoring, you are turning the right thing (no matter how it was built) into the thing right

[…] senior software engineers don’t ask permission to do their job, they just do it

(p. 20)

Notes from the Agile Barcelona Open Space The Senior Software Engineer, Chapter 5

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