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Self-Study in October 2016

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Should Engineers Design?

I’ve read this article by Cap Watkins where he explains the relationship between designers and programmers and how to get the latter involved in the design / UX / UI process.

Tags: cap-watkins, design, ux, ui, exchange, cross-functional

The Sliding Scale of Giving a Fuck

I’ve read this article by Cap Watkins where he explains that different topics have a different importance to each one of us: this topic might be very important for someone else, ergo, it makes mores sense to evaluate their option more carefully. When your importance level is not so high, you can take the other option easily.

Tags: cap-watkins, sliding-scale, decision-making, discussion, argument, convincing, people

Nuevos retos

I’ve read this article by Modesto San Juan about him leaving Codesai and joining a new adventure. In Spanish.

Tags: career-change, modesto-san-juan, codesai, carlos-ble, .net

Muchas gracias Modesto

I’ve read this article, by Carlos BlĂ© and the rest of the Codesai team, saying goodbye to Modesto San Juan, commenting on their experiences working with him.

Tags: career-change, modesto-san-juan, codesai, carlos-ble, .net

Introducing…Ticket Magpie

I’ve read this article by Dan Billing about the a honeypot application he has to teach about security and attacks.

Tags: david-hatanian, dan-billing, ticket-magpie, honeypot, security, attack

Destructuring assignment

I’ve read the destructuring assignment page at MDN

Tags: javascript, destructuring, mdn

10 Lessons I Learned from Doing My First Real Startup

I’ve read this article, a post-mortem analysis of his company, precog, with 10 items that he learned from it.

Tags: john-de-goes, precog, post-mortem, startup, lessons-learned

Stop Being “Nice” and Just Tell the Fucking Truth Already

I’ve read this article about giving honest feedback vs being a nice guy. The author concludes that the former is, in fact, the latter.

Tags: feedback, honesty, comparison, john-de-goes

Haskell’s Type Classes: We Can Do Better

I’ve read this article about the abuse of newtype classes in haskell to overcome some language limitations.

This article has helped me understand better inheritance, in the sections orphans and laws.

Also suggests that the compiler could check at compile time that the children impose more restrictive (more specific) laws than the parent, given that any children must comply with the inherited rules (liskov substitution principle)

Tags: inheritance, liskov, lsp, solid, john-de-goes, functional-programming, haskell, type-classes, newtype-clases, monoid, law

Introducing the Three Amigos

I’ve read this article by Ryan Thomas Hewitt about the Three Amigos meeting, to better define a feature

Tags: ryan-hewitt, three-amigos, agile, meeting, process, scrum

Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for

I’ve read this article by Owen Williams on the latest presentation by Apple.

Tags: owen-williams, mac, apple, strategy


I’ve read this page for the sigil, or the symbol attached to the variable. An example is the $ in Perl or the earmuffs in Clojure (*out*).

Tags: sigil, wikipedia, example, computer-science

List of languages that compile to JS

I’ve read this list of programming languages that compile to JS. By Jeremy Ashkenas and the community

Tags: jeremy-ashkenas, compilation, compiled-language, compiled-to-javascript, compiled-javascript, javascript

Being accountable for delivering value

I’ve read this article by Nik Silver on how the team should be accountable for delivering value, not accountable for delivering artifacts that produce value.

Tags: agile, management, nik-silver, accountability, team, value

Getting partial value from partial delivery

I’ve read this article by Nik Silver on how it is possible to be agile in an environment where the business is not agile.

Also, introduces the concept of ‘partial delivery’, meaning incomplete delivery from development to business.

Tags: delivery, partial-delivery, management, value, partial-value, change, walkawayability, change, nik-silver

Hierarchy of opinion

I’ve read this article by Mashooq Badar on what are opinions, how important they are and how them impact others.

Tags: mashooq-badar, opinion, critical-thinking

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