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Kata: Reverse Polish Notation in java

Jan 12, 2015 - 1 minute read - Comments - kataTDDjavaRPNreverse-polish-notationcalculatorusing-notes

I’ve written a RPN string calculator in java, using TDD with these: mockito, hamcrest, junit

It’s close to the String Calculator kata, by Roy Osherove. This RPN is using mocks (so more difficult than the String calculator)

I’ve tried to practice “Your tests are dragging you down” by J.B Rainsberger (mainly, to use something to write on). This behavior is also explained in the book Dirigido por tests (Spanish) by Carlos BlĂ©.

My solution is here. Every step (red, green, refactor) has been saved.

Listening to the tests GMaur code jam 2015: 01 - Mini-Power Swapper

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