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GMaur code jam 2015: 01 - Mini-Power Swapper

Jan 12, 2015 - 1 minute read - Comments - code-jamgmaurkatakaizen

Last year we started the program 12 months, 12 katas (as inspired by this repository). This year we want to propose something different: an asynchronous code jam

##New problem: Mini-Power Swapper

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Each month (or so) we at GMaur will publish a new problem (and announce it on twitter) and post a solution to the last problem.

This month, the Mini-Power Swapper

You can fork the repo, commit there and send a pull request. We’ll review the code (if you want) and merge the solution to a branch in “solutions/”.

Happy katas and happy code jamming!

Kata: Reverse Polish Notation in java Bank kata in java