The long way through Software Craftsmanship

Self-Study in July 2018

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The Haskell Pyramid

I’ve read this article on how the productivity for Haskell is achieved: not using the topics discussed on social networks (monads, functors, laws, lenses, etc) but using more basic tools

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El verde más verde

I’ve read this article on how to structure creative projects (e.g., UX, programming) by professionals, as told by David Bonilla.

Tags: david-bonilla, bonilista, project-management, slack-time, sabbatical, vertical-slice

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How to Fix Burnout as a Developer

I’ve read this article on burnout and how to fix it: Stop working so much. Prioritize your health. Try something new. Patience is key. Talk to your loved ones.

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Ask HN: What is the first thing you implement at a new company?

I’ve read this article on the first things that people do when joining a new client. Mentions the Chesterton’s fence: You don’t want to change something until you understand why it’s there in the first place.

Tags: chesterton-fence, hacker-news, contractor, client, onboarding, fix

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The Fallacy Of Chesterton’s Fence

I’ve read this article on the Chesterton’s fence.

don’t ever take a fence down until you know the reason why it was put up

The author explains that the walls (or contracts, or clauses, or practices) were put in place to cover for a specific need. Do not assume that this need does not exist now, before understanding what the need was in the first place.

Tags: chesterton-fence, keith-lee, consulting, tip, analogy, discovery, process, people

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A brief history of the UUID

A brief history of UUID: of how it was developed, why, and a new library in go called ksuid Explains the origins of networked computers (as opposed to personal computers without any networking) in the 1980s. Also explains the origins of the UUID, some algorithms for generating them.

Tags: ksuid, uuid, golang, go, rick-branson, history

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Delivering billions of messages exactly once

Explains how this company (segment) has solved the problem of delivering the messages once and only once (OAOO), using RocksDB, Kafka, UUIDs. Deployed to AWS, lowers the cost of the previous system (memcached-based). Impressive numbers: 1.5 TB worth of keys stored on disk in RocksDB a 4-week window of de-duplication before aging out old keys approximately 60B keys stored inside our RocksDB instances 200B messages passed through the dedupe system Also explains in depth how RocksDB works

Tags: rocksdb, facebook, database, once-and-only-once, oaoo, message, exactly-once-delivery, delivery, message-delivery, kafka, uuid, client, aws, segment, topic, cloud-scale

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Object Collaboration Stereotypes

This post describes the relationships between two objects: Dependencies are services that the object needs from its environment so that it can fulfil its responsibilities. Notifications are other parts of the system that need to know when the object changes state or performs an action. Policies are objects that tweak or adapt the object’s behaviour to the needs of the system. Parts are components in the implementation that are not controlled from outside the object after being set.

Tags: dependency, notification, policy, part, collaborator, relationship, steve-freeman, goos, growing-object-oriented-software

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Mocks, Fakes, Stubs and Dummies

Bibliography for mocks, stubs, fakes, dummies, spies.

Tags: mock, stub, test-double, dummy, xunit, xunit-pattern, gerard-meszaros, xunitpatterns

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