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Books read in 2016Q4

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Books I’ve read this quarter1:

Books started, not yet finished (WIP):

Books I want to finish. Usually come from another quarter:

Books that have entered the queue:

Non-technical that have entered the queue:

  • La psicología del dinero, Hammond
  • Invirtiendo a largo plazo, García Paramés
  • Quién domina el mundo, Chomsky
  • Homenaje a Cataluña, Orwell
  • El camino al 18J, Payne
  • Cartas desde la revolución bolchevique, Sadoul
  • Shogun: The Life of Tokugawa Ieyasu, Sadler
  • Els jueus i Catalunya, Villatoro
  • Russell en 90 minutos, Strathern
  • El problema de los tres cuerpos, Liu

  1. The ending date of the quarter is the same as the publication date [return]

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