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Stability terms from "Release it!", a quote

Jun 26, 2016 - 1 minute read - Comments - bookquoterelease-itmichael-nygard

In Release It!, terms related to stability:

  • transaction: is an abstract unit of work processed by the system
  • mixed workload: is a combination of different transaction types processed by a system.
  • system: the complete, interdependent set of hardware, applications, and services required to process transactions for users
  • stability: resilient system keeps processing transactions, even when there are transient impulses, persistent stresses, or component failures disrupting normal processing
  • stress (to the system): is a force applied to the system over an extended period.
  • impulse: is a rapid shock to the system.
  • a material changes shape when stress is applied. This change in shape is called the strain.
  • The original trigger and the way the crack spreads to the rest of the system, together with the result of the damage, failure mode.
  • crumple zones: areas designed to protect passengers by failing first. called crackstoppers

All of these are quotes from the book.

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