The long way through Software Craftsmanship

Self-Study in April 2016

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Deliberate Practice: What It Is and Why You Need It

I’ve read this article by Corbett Barr on what is deliberate practice and why it is needed to become an expert in a given domain field.

The four essential components:

  • Motivation
  • Tailored (practice)
  • Feedback
  • Repetion

Tags: corbett-barr, deliberate-practice, expert, practice, anders-ericsson, talent, professional-development, career

10 Features I Wish Java Would Steal From the Kotlin Language

I’ve read this list of features that the Kotlin Language has that would be an improvement for the Java language. By Lukas Eder

Tags: list, lukas-eder, kotlin, java, comparison, language, jooq

How we built Uber engineering’s highest query per second service using Go

I’ve read this post by Kai Wei on a microservice they’ve built using Go.

Explains the reasons for choosing that algorithm for geofencing, the performance they’re achieving, and the architecture.

Tags: uber, go, microservice, performance, geofence, geofencing, rps, go-memory-model, kai-wei

Unwinding Uber’s Most Efficient Service

I’ve read this article by Buck Heroux commenting on the decisions of Uber for building the geofencing microservice (above read).

Explains the different alternatives for algorithms in this problem space and has implemented them in go. Provides a benchmark for comparing those, including a profiling session.

Tags: s2, quadtree, rtree, brute-force, geofence, geofencing, uber, comment, buck-heroux, go, read-on-read, meta-read

Lawful Hacking and Continuing Vulnerabilities

I’ve read this article by Bruce Schneier on the stance the FBI is taking in regards to vulnerabilities discovered in Apple’s devices.

Tags: bruce-schneier, apple, security, fbi, vulnerability, exploit, law, hacking

A Side Project Helped Jumpstart My Career — Life Learning

I’ve read this article by Dave Gerhardt on how making a side project happen affected his life and his skills.

Some of the reasons for doing it include:

  • It forces you to figure stuff out
  • The only way to learn is by doing
  • It gets your brain working on something other than your job
  • You have to create your own network
  • You are the CEO

Tags: long-life-learning, continuous-learning, side-project, dave-gerhardt, drift, professional-development, personal-development, business, career

Fun Jekyll Tricks

I’ve read this article by Brian Knapp where he explains some tips and tricks of jekyll (in which octopress is based on): speed, deployment, subcategories inside the blog, _data, _includes.

Tags: brian-knapp, jekyll, octopress, tip-and-trick, improvement, subcategory, meta, automation, deployment

La ola que llega

I’ve read this bonilista by David Bonilla, where he explains (in Spanish) the ‘contractor’ phenomenon arriving to Spain, 2-3 years after being in other countries and the effects that this could have both for workers and companies.

Tags: bonilista, david-bonilla, contractor

10 razones por las que este sábado deberías ir a un code retreat

I’ve read this list of reasons for attending a code retreat, by Francho Joven, who I met in the Global Day Of Code Retreat (GDCR) ‘15 in Zaragoza

Tags: francho-joven, list, zaragoza, code-retreat, gdcr

Meaningful Work through Passion, not Genius

I’ve watched this talk on the importance of hard work and how it can be mistaken as genious. By Malcolm Gladwell

Tags: malcolm-gladwell, passion, genius, work, time-management, productivity, career, mastery-autonomy-purpose

How to ask your wife for permission to spend $250,000 on a domain name

I’ve read this article by Jon Yau on how they started, buying a $250,000 domain name.

Tags: startup, domain, stockphoto, jon-yau

Sorry, developer bootcamps: I was wrong

I’ve read this article by Dillon Forrest on the topic of developer bootcamps. Explains why developers should not be threatened by recent graduates of these programs and describes how people pursuing these programs usually are:

  • Intelligence
  • Risk appetite
  • Resilience
  • Self-investment
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Growth trajectory

Tags: bootcamp, developer-bootcamp, dev-bootcamp, dillon-forrest, intelligence, risk-appetite, resilience, self-investment, entrepreneurship, growth-trajectory

The JVM and Java Garbage Collection

I’ve watched this webcast about how the JVM garbage collection works. By Michael W Williams

Tags: michael-williams, oracle, webcast, jvm, garbage-collection, gc,

Files Are Hard

I’ve read this article on why software that writes on files is difficult, based on the different filesystems that are below, and the operating system. Written by Dan Luu.

Uses software product to find bugs in filesystems

Tags: filesystem, file, dan-luu, analysis

Contrata a un fracasado con ilusión inquebrantable

I’ve read this article by Alberto Mena (in Spanish) on what are the qualities that define a good programmer:

  • humility
  • failure
  • illusion
  • hard work

Tags: alberto-mena, spanish, team-management, success, developer, quality, developer-quality

Don’t react

I’ve read this article by Avdi Grimm on how the action vs reaction attitude. Why to prefer the former.

Tags: action, reaction, social-media, avdi-grimm, productivity

FTP is so 90’s. Let’s deploy via Git instead!

I’ve read this guide on how to deploy using git. By Kerrick Long

Tags: kerrick-long, git, deployment, webapp, application, devops

Job vs Career: 10 Key Differences You Need To Understand

I’ve read the infographic and the article by Jacob Shriar on what differentiates a job from a career

Tags: jacob-shriar, infographic, job-vs-career, comparison, job, career

The Secret To Employee Motivation

I’ve read the infographic and the article by Jacob Shriar on what motivates employess: mastery, autonomy and purpose. A direct reference to Dan Pink’s “The puzzle of motivation” TED talk.

Tags: jacob-shriar, motivation, employee, infographic, mastery, autonomy, purpose

The puzzle of motivation

I’ve watched this TED talk by Dan Pink on what motivates us: intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation.

Also about the gap that exists between what science knows and what businesses propose.

Tags: ted, ted-talk, video, dan-pink, mastery, autonomy, purpose

Applying a ceiling to the bug count

I’ve read this interview, written by Susanna Berg, on how King has reduced the amount of bugs in their backlog using an agile technique, measuring and setting a limit.

Tags: susanna-berg, king, agile, bug, bug-count, defect, defect-count, per-malmen

Coming up in 2016: Spring Framework 4.3 & 5.0

I’ve read this announcement of Spring’s new release, 5.0, which will require java 8 and will turn most of the features into the reactive programming paradigm. By Juergen Hoeller.

Tags: juergen-hoeller, spring, reactive-programming, release, announcement

Why offices are where work goes to die

I’ve read this article by Swizec Teller explaining the downsides of working in an office as compared to working remotely.

Tags: swizec-teller, remote, home-office, office, comparison, time-management

The Myth of the Passionate Developer

I’ve read this article by Michael Ibarra on what are the implications of being a passionate developer, how it affects your tasks and what are the factors to a job.

Tags: michael-ibarra, passion, development, job, motivation, myth

Mossack Fonseca Breach – WordPress Revolution Slider Plugin Possible Cause

I’ve read this article by Mark Maunder, which describes an hypothesis on how the Mossack Fonseca breach could have happened. Also describes and shows how to breach a Wordpress installation with a vulnerable Revolution Slider plugin.

Tags: mark-maunder, security, breach, mossack-fonseca-breach, mossack-fonseca, hypothesis, attack, plugin, revolution-slider, wordpress

Tim Urban: Inside the mind of a master procrastinator

I’ve watched this TED talk from Tim Urban on how the procrastinator’s mind works, exemplified by his own career.

Tags: procrastinator, procrastination, mind, time-management, tim-urban

PEP 20 – The Zen of Python

I’ve read the PEP20, the zen of python, with special attention to this:

Explicit is better than implicit.

Tags: pep-20, pep, python, zen

Why I switched from Octopress 2 to Hugo

I’ve read this article by Franklin Chen on the change he made on the static site generator (SSG) he used. He considered hakyll, octopress, jekyll, hugo. Was decided between hakyll and hugo for their speed but, finally, decided to use hugo for their bigger community.

Tags: franklin-chen, comparison, ssg, static-site-generator, hakyll, octopress, jekyll, hugo, change, speed, statically-typed, dynamically-typed, golang, performance

Why incremental regeneration in Jekyll 3.0 is such a big deal

I’ve read this article by Tom Johnson on one of the new features that jekyll 3.0 brings: incremental generation. How this can speed up the generation

Tags: tom-johnson, incremental-generation, speed, performance, octopress-2, octopress-3, jekyll-3

Hugo, S3, Travis CI, oh boy!

I’ve read this guide by Alan Scherger on how to set up a specific stack for developing and deploying a static site blog.

Tags: alan-scherger, static-site-generator, ssg, travis, hugo, s3

Deploy your blog to github pages automatically using Hugo and Travis

I’ve read this article by Roman Coedo on how to deploy a hugo blog to github pages, using travis.

Tags: roman-coedo, travis, hugo, github, github-pages, ssg, static-site-generator

Improve Octopress with Advanced Tweaks & Tips

I’ve read this list of tips on how to improve the octopress (2) installation. By Nguyễn Đình Quân.

Tags: nguyen-dinh-quan, octopress-2, tip, tweak


I’ve read this article by Ángel Medinilla, about laboratories to use a percentage of company time to investigate, innovate, learn and improve.

Tags: angel-medinilla, team-management, time-management, innovation, strategy, improvement, kaizen, laboratory, craftsmanship, spanish

What Refactoring is, and what it isn’t

I’ve read this article by Jim Bird, where he splits some practices into refactoring and not refactoring. Draws the line between these two different activities.

Also cites scratch refactoring.

Tags: jim-bird, scratch-refactoring, refactoring, martin-fowler, kent-beck, definition, quote, design

Pitfalls of Unlimited Vacations

I’ve read this article by Phil Haack on the github, travis and netflix policies about unlimited vacations and the effects they have on the employees.

Also about minimum vacation periods, (paternity) paid leave.

Tags: phil-haack, unlimited-vacation, holiday, vacation, team-management, burnout, github, travis, netflix, policy

Cultura Corporativa

I’ve read this article by Ángel Medinilla about the corporate culture, and how “hanging a highly interchangeable sentence on a wall” does not represent it.

Tags: angel-medinilla, corporate culture, spanish

What It’s Really Like to Learn to Code

I’ve read this article that explains firsthand how it is to learn programming for a novice student,even with a strong financial background and having completed a university degree. By Sandjar Kozubaev

Tags: sandjar-kozubaev, learning, programming, student, firsthand, coding, story