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Navigating the GitHub repositories

Sep 8, 2015 - 1 minute read - Comments - githubrepositorykatanavigatesimple-sessionrepository-search

I’ve reorganized my github repositories, especially the katas and the simple sessions.


All of them can be found in this search

Separated by language:

To the best of my knowledge, all repositories follow a similar pattern:

  • Contain the keyword ‘kata’
  • Contain the language
  • Contain a description of the exercise

An example: palindromes-searcher-kata-haskell

Simple sessions

A simple session is a lapse of time working with the language to solve a problem, but not big enough to deserve a repository of its own. Usually, the simple sessions are performed in languages that have a REPL, tool that eases this need

They can be found in this search