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Brown-bag session and Dojo: Beginning Clojure

Aug 5, 2015 - 1 minute read - Comments - clientbrown-bag-sessiondojoclojurefacilitatorfacilitationclojure-for-java-developerreplguiderepository

At a client, today I’ve facilitated a brown-bag session introducing the Clojure language to a group of java programmers.

I’ve started hands-on, live coding on a REPL. To make things easier, I’ve created a maven project that imports the clojure jar and lets you obtain dependencies from clojars. The repo is here. This repo wouldn’t have been possible without the clojure maven plugin, written by Mark Derricutt.

I’ve more or less followed this guide

We’ve also practiced, using a dojo in clojure, the fizzbuzz kata.

There is a sample implementation in the same repo, this folder.