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Paper: TDD in industrial teams

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I’ve read this paper by Nagappan, Maximilien, Bhat and Williams on the cost, advantages, pitfalls of doing TDD in industrial teams (private companies who create software).

My notes


little empirical evidence supports or refutes the utility of this practice in an industrial context

  • they seem to be talking about inside-out tdd as in chapter 2 (page 291), they talk about small units and then integrating them in a bigger context


taken from chapter 2 (page 292)

  • Better design
  • Efficiency
  • Test assets
  • Reducing defect injection


TDD seems to be applicable in various domains

[TDD] can significantly reduce the defect density of developed software without significant productivity reduction […]

[…] an important aspect of TDD is the creation of tests assets.

Recommendations (this is all quotes):

  • Start TDD from the beginning of projects
  • For a team new to TDD, introduce automated build test integration towards the second third of the development phase
  • […] add new tests every time a problem is found
  • Get the test team involved and knowledgeable about the TDD approach
  • Constantly running the unit tests […]
  • Encourage fast unit test execution and efficient unit testing design

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