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Talk: Simplicity matters

Apr 18, 2015 - 1 minute read - Comments - clojurerich-hickeytalkkeynoterails-conf

I’ve seen this video by Rich Hickey: “Simplicity matters”, taken from Manuel Rivero’s google plus' site

here are my notes:

  • the software is the elephant
  • do more, do it differently, do it better
  • complexity of the elephant is going to dominate what you can do
  • your ability to reason about your program is critical
  • design is about pulling things apart
  • become familiar by learning, trying
  • “We can be creating the exact same programs out of significantly simpler components”. Rich Hickey

Complexity vs simplicity:

Complexity Simplicity
state, objects values
methods functions, namespaces
variables managed refs
inheritance, switch, matching polymorphism à la carte
syntax data
imperative loops, fold set functions
actors queues
ORM declarative data manipulation
conditionals rules
inconsistency consistency
  • he does not agree on “simplicity” on the agile manifesto
  • simplicity is not about you. simplicity is a lot of hard work
  • simplicity is not an objective

Order is all over the place:

Complex Simple
positional arguments named arguments or map
syntax data
product types associate records
imperative programs declarative programs
prolog datalog
call chains queues
XML JSON, Clojure literals

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