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Meetup cross-pollination

Mar 25, 2015 - 1 minute read - Comments - meetupcross-pollinationbumble-beeale14agile-lean-europe-2014

Adrian Bolboaca has written a very interesting post on being a community bumble-bee. (Source can be found here)

He goes on to explain how he has visited many meetups all over Europe and the big chunk of information and experience he has learned from them.

He tells us about a selfish approach to organizing meetups:

When one teaches two learn

(apparently attributed to) Robert Heinlein, source

I share this feeling of learning while teaching, as long as you reflect and analyze (e.g., hansei or reflect as you work). I also try to apply it to my meetups.

As a funny note, he said this cross-pollination has crystallized in as many ideas as to fill three books.

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