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Talk: 'Is TDD Dead? Of course not! But what´s all the fuzz about then?' by Emily Bache

Jan 6, 2015 - 2 minute read - Comments - TDDtalkvideoemily-bachedhhnotesdesign

I’ve just seen this talk: Is TDD dead? Of course not! But what´s all the fuzz about then? by Emily Bache

###My notes

  • deliberate vs accidental learning (around minute 19)
  • do not be an evangelist for tdd but rather “come learn tdd, come at a dojo with us!”

  • points to Dan North’s talk (at the same foo café)

  • points to her book - The Coding Dojo Handbook

  • points to cyber dojo

  • design is hard whether you do TDD or not

  • dhh: too much focus on unit test.

I thought we got rid of best practices in agile

  • different kinds of advice for each kind of target (eg, based on experience level)
  • points to self-testing code (by Martin Fowler)
  • problem: the test suite is no longer in sync with the production code
  • points to approval testing:
    • code kata “minesweeper”
    • test data + code produces output data
    • I approve the data
    • Useful for full features
    • Useful for asserting on difficult parts like images
    • realistic users to generate tests
    • tool to manage these “approval tests”. Easy way of managing tests cases
    • TextTest is one of these tools

###Her conclusions

  • Watch out the fundamentalism
  • TDD might take you to too many layers of indirection
  • The share of each test (end to end, integration, unit) depends on each project / part
  • Many TDD pieces of advice is directed to novices. When you’re not, you should know when to stop listening

PS: I’ve first seen this video in garajeando

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