The long way through Software Craftsmanship

Books read in 2017Q4

Dec 31, 2017 - 8 minute read - Comments - bookreading2017Q4self-studycoduranceaprendicesreading-club

Read this quarter: Note: re+read means I’m re-reading this book. The (+) stands for one-or-more times, as in the regexes. Lazarillo de Tormes, el; anĂ³nimo; non-technical Tom Clancy’s power plays - Politika; Preisler; own-it, non-technical Moon is a harsh mistress, the; Heinlein; own-it, non-technical Old man’s war; Scalzi; non-technical, own-it Nightfall; Asimov, Silverberg; own-it, non-technical Interface; Stephenson, George; non-technical, own-it Man who sold the moon, the; Heinlein; own-it, non-technical Agents of innocence; Ignatius; own-it, non-technical Fist of god, the; Forsyth; own-it, non-technical: Synopsis: in a mixture of truth and novel, the author explains the invasion of Kuwait by Iraqi dictator Sadam Hussein.

Books read in 2017Q3

Sep 30, 2017 - 6 minute read - Comments - bookreading2017Q3self-studycoduranceaprendicesreading-club

Read this quarter: the senior software developer; Copeland, with the aprendices reading club Scandal in Bohemia, a; Doyle: a short novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, mentioning Irene Adler and the king of Bohemia Getting things done, …; Allen (+): A book on productivity, where Allen explains his method of GTD and how to apply it. Explains what has worked and not worked for him in his many years of consulting and coaching clients.