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Books read in 2020Q4

Dec 30, 2020 - 2 minute read - Comments - bookreading2020Q4self-studyreading-club

Read this quarter:

  • 12 rules for life; Peterson; own-it, non-technical, philosophy

12 rules for life

The book contains some rules, some principles to remove doubt and uncertainty from life.

There are plenty of mentions to the Bible, although I consider the book to the secular in its contents.

There are few personal stories on the book (e.g., about his daughter Mikhaila Peterson), which makes it readable and enjoyable. The philosophy behind it is sometimes not-politically-correct.

For each of the rules, he has a setup of “introduction - main - conclusion”.

From wikipedia 0:

The book is divided into chapters with each title representing one of the following twelve specific rules for life as explained through an essay.

  1. “Stand up straight with your shoulders back”

  2. “Treat yourself like you are someone you are responsible for helping”

  3. “Make friends with people who want the best for you”

  4. “Compare yourself with who you were yesterday, not with who someone else is today”

  5. “Do not let your children do anything that makes you dislike them”

  6. “Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world”

  7. “Pursue what is meaningful (not what is expedient)”

  8. “Tell the truth — or, at least, don’t lie”

  9. “Assume that the person you are listening to might know something you don’t”

  10. “Be precise in your speech”

  11. “Do not bother children when they are skate-boarding”

  12. “Pet a cat when you encounter one on the street”

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